Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Counterfeit Playing Cards Notice

Update: Amazon have upheld my infringement complaint and removed the listings we had seen on the Amazon sites. In the short term this is the best result. :) I'm still waiting on a response from eBay regarding the counterfeit listings on their sites. Thank you for ongoing support, especially to those who may helped in reporting the counterfeit Map & Dice Playing Cards.
Will M. 17th June 2018

Previous entry: 14th June 2018

It has been brought to my attention that a counterfeit version of my Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards is being sold on Amazon and Ebay and possibly through other sites.  If you, or anyone you know, has bought these fake cards, we'd love to hear from you.  We also might to be to exchange a counterfeit pack for a real one if you can post one to us, whilst also providing information as to where you bought them and maybe I make it worth your while with a freebie (this also depends upon how many packs I get sent, if any).  I can even sign the pack if you like that sort of thing. :)  My email is .   I am Will M. / "Billiam Babble", owner of Inked Adventures.

Fake cards by "Lacesi" on the Left. My Inked Adventures Playing Cards on the Right, Note the scroll banners.
Fake cards by "Lacesi" on the Left. 
My Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards on the Right.  
Note: the scroll banners.

The counterfeit Map & Dice Playing Cards are made by a company claiming to be called "Lacesi".  They have scroll  logo which adorns the packets - in place of the Inked Adventures scroll banner.  The packet slightly resembles the early packets sold through the print-on-demand site The Game Crafter, and a box I made for customers to print themselves, to house the DriveThruCards (OBS) print-on-demand edition.  The contents of the Lacesi packs directly and wholesale copy the art and layout of ones I sell through my Etsy store, or those sold by my permitted stockists (see below).

The Lacesi company, who have an office address in Vietnam, appear to be counterfeiting cards-based games and games expansions sold by Etsy sellers, probably because they consider them to be too small or naive in a business sense to a challenge IP or copyright.  I am the sole owner of the original hand drawn dungeon map art, I commission the printing and am currently the main distributor.  It is my intellectual property and, at the moment, my main trade.  I intend to report every listing I find on every site I find them and urge others to do the same (or at least drop me a line if you see something) - and maybe hold back if you are unsure of a listing.  I may also have to shut down selling my own print-on-demand packs (DTCards and GameCrafter), whilst I consolidate stock.  I know it's cliché, but if it doesn't say "Inked Adventures" on the box, it's certainly not Inked Adventures in the box.

At the time of posting this I'm not selling playing cards through Amazon or the Ebay store, but I know that at least one of my stockists is with permission (Noble Knight Games) -see below.  In the meantime, I may assert my product's presence by setting up shop on Amazon and Ebay, but it will be pretty clear that it will be me Billiam Babble or Inked Adventures who will be selling them (so don't report me by accident!). ;)

Apparently, counterfeiting affects both the large and small in this industry, so we must stand up to it whenever we can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Official / permitted stockists of the Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards are as follows (at time of posting):

All Rolled Up (UK)
^^ These guys are okay!  They buy stock from me directly.

You can also buy directly from the artist (me) from my store on Etsy: Inked Adventures on Etsy

If you are a store owner or customer with any concerns, please feel free to email me at
Thank you again for your attention. - Will M. / Billiam Babble, Inked Adventures. 14th June 2018

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

UKGE18 and Neoprene Scenery Pieces

Billiam Babble having too much fun (photo courtesy of Joel / Shropshire DM )We'd like to thank all the people at the UK Games Expo 2018, who took the time to chat to Will M / Billiam Babble, network with, provide feedback, or buy from the stall. Will had such a positive experience that we fear he is in danger of gaining in self-confidence, so he has been returned to his cage and pens, to work off his debts and reflect seriously upon what he has been doing at the expense of Inked Adventures. We have confiscated the flyers, business cards and all of the takings, because, frankly, he cannot be trusted with these things. To keep him distracted, we've asked him, amongst other projects, to start illustrating a new pack of Map & Dice Playing Cards, but with his lack of focus, who knows what will happen?

Debuting at the Expo, in-conjunction with tabletop mat makers, Patriot Games Ltd, were the new Neoprene Scenery Pieces and Neoprene Scenery Pieces "Magical +1" packs. Basically, these work very much like the printable dungeon sections (see our range on DriveThruRPG), but the material used is printed neoprene (fabric-rubber, like the dice trays), pre-trimmed into corridors and rooms. The "Magical +1" packs are even dry-erase wipeable! We are currently still organising the stock for these, but hopefully Patriot Games and Inked Adventures will be regularly selling packs on our stalls at conventions and perhaps also through our online stores soon. Watch this space. Photos and products news to follow. :)

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Stall 1-K9 at the UK Games Expo 2018

News regarding the UK Games Expo 1st -3rd June 2018. 

Yet again, we are releasing our most despised colleague into the wild.  Failed artist, barely humanoid, Will M. "Billiam Babble" will be manning the Inked Adventures stall at the UKGE18 at the NEC, Birmingham (UK).  If you are at the Expo, please feel free to see him in his unnatural habitat at Stall 1-K9.

It is customary to shout "Dance, monkey-boy, dance!" and throw him a penny or old food.  (Cards accepted)

Inked Adventures is very honoured to be sharing a block of stalls with Just Crunch Games ("Cthulhu Hack"), SquareHex, All Rolled Up, Patriot Games UK and Lamentations of the Flame Princess.  All the cool kids! (Apart from monkey-boy Will).  See yellow highlighted area on the map.

UKGE18 Hall 1 Map. Click to embiggen
Highlighted: Inked Adventures at Stall 1-K9.
The map depicts Hall 1 at the NEC Birmingham (UK).
The entrance is at the bottom of the map.

Inked Adventures will still be taking orders through it's Etsy store page, but we will only be able to despatch items from Tuesday 4th June, onwards, due to monkey-boy being away from his post.  For PDF and downloadable products our DriveThruRPG store will be operating as normal.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Cool dungeon pics and Con News


There are some very impressive photos of Inked Adventures cut-up sections in use in a D&D 5e campaign over on Thulaen Lands.  The author lists our products, amongst others, at the end of the report, please follow those affiliated links, as they will support the Thulaen Lands blog.

Con News (April - June 2018)

Inked Adventures will be running stalls at the National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships and at the UKGamesExpo'18.

The NSRWC is being held this year from 6th to 8th April at Bradford University, UK (2018).   We'll probably be there on Saturday 7th April only ("we"= Billiam Babble).

For event information please visit the event Facebook Page:

All being well, we are proud to announce that we will have a dedicated stall at UKGE18 in the Birmingham NEC from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd June.  You'll be able to find us on the day by using the map guide, brochure or a dedicated app provided by the organisers (a strange magic!).

For ticket and location details for UKGE18 please visit the site:

It you're at either event, come and say hi!
Feel free to bring Billiam/Will M. a vegetarian snack.
(Actually, no, it's probably better if you don't feed him, even if he looks weak and pale.)