Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Inked Adventures Patriot Games Neoprene Scenery Pieces

Sneak peak of Inked Adventures and Patriot Games Neoprene Scenery Pieces - click to enlarge

Sneak peak of Inked Adventures and Patriot Games Neoprene Scenery Pieces - click on graphic to enlarge.

Over the next few days, we'll be adding "Neoprene Scenery Pieces" to our Etsy store.  More pictures and details will follow. :)

Exciting times!

UPDATE 27.08.18
Inked Adventures & Patriot Games Neoprene Scenery Pieces
Due to bizarre and an unpredictable series of events in my real world life, there is an delay in listing these new products. The Neoprene Scenery Pieces line is now officially downgraded to “soon-ish”. ;) Will M./ Bb.

General announcement: Playing Cards.
When the Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards listing on our Etsy page says “Sold Out”, please feel free to visit stores which we supply to:
Thanks and happy gaming :)

Inked Adventures / Patriot Games "Neoprene Scenery Pieces" : Concept and illustration by Inked Adventures / Billiam Babble (2017-18), product design and manufacture by Patriot Games Ltd. (Sheffield, UK)

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Forest cards art in progress and scary tentacle dice trays

Art for Forest / Arcadian Ruins Map & Dice Playing Cards (working title)

Fine line pen art on 5mm graph paper, in progress, for a new Map & Dice Playing Cards set, with a forest "Arcadian Ruins" theme.  I have no date for when the final pack will be ready but a veritable library of square forest areas is being created.  These will be within a similar dimension to the original dungeon themed pack. I'm hoping to also include a broader selection of dice type results in the new deck - possibly denoted by text (i.e. "d8") and not symbols (polyhedral icon blob things).  Some of these images have already been shared to my instagram account @billiambabble) and Inked Adventures' Tumblr, ( feel free to follow (original art ownership rights asserted).
 - Billiam Babble / Will M.  :)  9 August 2018

Stars Are Right All Rolled Up Dice Trays in colour and black and white in the Etsy store

We may have already mentioned these rare artefacts somewhere and somewhen here or in social media.  There is a freshly hatched batch of the "Stars Are Right" tentacles-horror themed All Rolled Up dice trays in the Etsy store. The art has been created digitally by Billiam Babble / Will M. (sedated, supervised for safety) and abstracted through protective filters. We hope that whilst rolling dice for Sanity Loss, that those that those who are unlucky enough to understand the true dark meanings of the arcane imagery, will keep their ultimate significance secret, in order to protect innocent folk from hideous cosmic truth.

We do not accept returns in cases of extreme disturbance of nerves or an aggravated palsy of the mind.

(Dice not included.  Sanity not essential.)

Dice Trays - Inked Adventures Etsy Store

See also All Rolled Up for a wide selection of trays and accessories.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Conventions and Collaborations

Wands and cards - an Etsy collaboration

JustALevel Etsy DMs Set Wand and Map and Dice Playing Cards
Over on Etsy, the Just Another Level store is running a collaboration product with us. For the ultimate gift for that magical (possibly slightly off-beat, non-muggle, hand-finished-wand-appreciating) friend, life partner or familiar, it'll be worth your while to cast wizardy eyes over the Game Master Set - DM Adventure Dungeon Floor Plan and Wand Gift Set.

(Related: the Inked Adventures store on Etsy)

Inked Adventures dungeons in neoprene?

It's still so early in the century and yet so late in the year ...  We're hoping to be selling special neoprene fabric and dry-erase dungeon sections in our online stores very soon.  These luxurious dungeon building floor plan packs have been sneakily previewed on the Inked Adventures and Patriot Games UK stalls at the UKGE18.   In essence, they are a development of the printable Dungeon Cut-Up Sections, with corridors, rooms, doors, features, but this time in colourful neoprene-mat form (tactile soft, or "+1 magical" shiny wipeable-dry-erase),  sorcerously produced by Custom Patriot / Patriot Games UK.  We're still super excited about those, but it still might be just a little while longer before we can show you photos of these packs in action.   We tease and spoil, spoil and tease.

Conventions 2018 (cont.)

When Billiam can be levered out of his cave and home town, there's a possibility that he might be running the Inked Adventures stall in the following game conventions in the UK.  This list may be added to or reduced, depending upon how organised or fickle slacker Billiam is.  ;)

ChillCon Derby - Saturday 10th September
Dragondaze -Newport, Wales - Saturday 6th October
Dragonmeet, London - 1st Dec (tbc)

(We're on the fence about the Tabletop Gaming Live, 29-30th September, Alexander Palace, since they're new and two large London events in the same quarter can be pricey for a small set-up like us.  Loughborough Comic-Con, on the other hand ... ;)  Okay, the joke here is that Billiam lives in Loughborough ...)

Thanks for reading, browsing, scrolling, clicking.  :)