Friday, 25 February 2011

Inked Adventures Products for Spring and Summer 2011

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Announcements and News - reassurance that a quiet site does not mean the cog wheels of card have stopped in the machina-creativa-chaotica ... whirr-fold-whirr ... Forthcoming Products spiel:
The Crypts, Tombs and Catacombs pack is now going to be published as two Modular Section expansion packs (as opposed to one small fixed mini-map set). The first will be an "upper level" set of standard gothic style pieces, including some 3D and 2.5D scenery, the second will be a skull lined lower level set of highly detailed "dirt and bones". The decision to split the pack is partly to have releasable product as-soon-as-possible and partly to keep the prices down.
Plans are afoot to publish several Encounter-Lair packs (working title). These will include a one page printable floor plan of an area, perhaps a special dungeon room, a forest clearing, a cave; along with a set of cut-out fantasy miniatures (25-30mm). The plans will be compatible with other Modular Dungeon Sections (using a 1inch grid) This is in collaboration with talented mini artists, some of whom can be found loitering on the Cardboard Warriors Forum.
Dungeon dressings of a 3D nature are slated for a dungeon furniture pack, containing a table, chair, feast bench, chest, boxes, a bed and shelves - all in a hand drawn illustrative style, suited perfectly for use with Inked Adventures dungeon sections.
Also planned, is a set of tiles in homaging popular fixed-wall dungeon board games of yesteryear - this is in collaboration with modeller, reviewer, game designer and web personality, Mortis-of-Midian of the Lost and the Damned Forum. All will become clear soon!
I've received many suggestions and custom modifications to the existing products, which I hope to share with the wider world on my support page, along with requests for specific packs - inns, forests, wizard's towers - which may become a reality once some of the above projects are completed. This, along with small improvements to current packs (free to prior customers). I'm toying with the idea of a pack containing 6x6 square tiles with a dungeon generator system, time willing. So here's a productive year! I may also be releasing stock-art for game publishers through the Inked Adventures store. Broke artist needs money for paper and datapens...
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