Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Wicker Moth art in Malicious Moths by EVG

I've been working on a few commissions recently of a non-floor plan nature (hence the odd delay when choosing between my own deadlines and the deadlines of others) ;)

One fun line art piece is a "wicker moth" for the Escape Velocity Gaming's uniquely themed bestiary product: "Malicious Moths".

Wicker Moth commission for EVG
by *billiambabble on deviantART

Malicious Moths by Will C. Pfaff on DriveThru

Sometime soon I hoping to run a profile on EVG and their whole product range to date over at Adventures & Shopping.

Other Billiam Babble/IA work for EVG:  
Vexing Sands (blog entry)
Go here for Flickr slideshow.

Escape Velocity Gaming Site

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