Sunday, 29 July 2012

Free Wooden and Stone Double Doors

I wasn't comfortable with the standard doors which I have supplied in the Square Dungeon Tiles Pack, so I thought I should add these new designs as a free product.


The Zip file containing the PDFs are free to download from the RPGNow/DriveThru/WVault

Inked Adventures Free Doors

Hand drawn free-standing double doors (to fit width of 10'/2" corridor). Double-sided wooden and stone work designs - with connected bases. These can also be cut in in half to make single doors (to fit width of 5'/1" corridor)

Will enhance any 2D floor plan or dungeon tile system - suitable for use with 25/28/30mm. They make an ideal accompaniment to the Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections range (Basic Pack) and the newly released Square Dungeon Tiles.

Two page, easy print PDF - 1. Wooden Door. 2. Stone Door.
Can be printed to paper, card or photopaper.Very easy to assemble. Perfect for younger players. Both A4 and US Letter page sizes are in included in the Zip file.

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