Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Delver’s Adventure Sheet

… character sheet, record sheet, stats card etc…

In a break from our usual programming I’ve decided to have a go at designing a character sheet with hand drawn elements for the Tunnels & Trolls game.  Not an official product (free download), I reckon a player could get by using this landscape character sheet -inspired, mainly, by gamebooks.

Since the elements were drawn on paper and then assembled in GIMP, the text then added in open office, I’m hoping that I can get away with it’s roughness  being a homage to Letraset and wood print. ;)  Next time I’ll plan it better and just draw the whole thing as one art piece.
I hoping I haven’t missed anything out that’s too obvious.


The PDF:  aDelversAdventureSheet_billiambabble_inkedadventures_2012_v1.pdf (350KB)

Image file

(click on thumbnail, then right click on image to save):

Happy Delving!

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