Friday, 14 December 2012

Positive Reviews and Explanation of Scale

I'm really appreciating the positive reviews and 4-5 star ratings for the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles on DriveThru/RPGNow sites.  Some of these reviews, a handful of emails and forum posts keep coming back to the fact that the geomorphs are not scaled for 28mm figures, so I'm adding the following paragraphs to the product description, by way of clarification.    
Please Note - Small Scale Product
Unlike some of the other Inked Adventures products these Geomorph Tiles are not scaled for use with 25-28mm figures. Each tile represents a large dungeon area and is only 8cm (3.2 in) across to minimise whitespace waste. The 10x10 grid on each tile means that each square 8mm (0.3in) wide.
Small geomorph tiles have been used in gaming since the 1970s mainly for map planning and reference in play (wikipedia)
If you require hand drawn 1in=5ft scale tiles or ready-to-use floor plan sections for use with miniature figures may we recommend our Square Dungeon Tiles or our popular Modular Sections Basic Pack.
Once printed onto thin card, the 8x8cm (3.1in) size tiles can be stacked in a compact card deck, ideal for planning or playing "megadungeon" games on small to modestly sized tables - as with traditional geomorphs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have purchased this product hoping that it was the same scale as our  Modular Sections or Square Dungeon Tiles, or are disappointed in any way.  Email: billiambabble -at-

As well as a possible print-on-demand pre-cut release through the Game Crafter site, I am considering releasing the 300dpi tile graphics in PNG format for use with virtual tabletop software (VTT).  This also means that customers will also be able to scale-up the files any dimension when printing.

Thanks for reading.  May your dungeons be beautiful! :)

-Bb 12/12

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