Saturday, 2 March 2013

Large scale hand drawn geomorph tiles w.i.p.

Prototype testing for large scale/figure geomorph tiles. The larger tiles are 10”x10” - to the standard scale of 1"=5'=1sq - as requested by many of the customers who bought the hand drawn geomorph tiles (which are a small, yet handy, 3 to 3.5 inches square). Each tile is cut from two pages printed on card. 

The art was originally intended for small tiles only, I’m impressed at how the pen art looks at a larger size - naturally all of the inaccuracies have been expanded too. ;)

I must confess, I ended up playing with the Lego whilst setting this up. 
I dedicate these images to everyone who supplements their tabletop games with Lego minifigs.

Billiam B.
3 March 2013


  1. That is great. Lego scale. Very good idea.

  2. Any idea when these will be widely available?