Saturday, 6 July 2013

Competitions and photos from players


A massive thank you to the Frugal GM for running their recent competition and a massive congratulations to the winner Dungeon Mama for her adventure report and superb photos of our tiles in use.

A very cool review and competition has been posted at Ye Olde Inn - a blog specialising in playing and customising the classic dungeon board game RPG HeroQuest.

Inked Adventures' own designs are greatly influenced by the art in games like HeroQuest, AHQ and Warhammer Quest, so seems apt (and an honour) that HQ players might choose to use our tiles.

Papercrafting artist, designer and blogger, Sirrob01 has created a beautiful set of dungeon sections using the Inked Adventures Basic Pack - with modifications. :)

Sirrob01 has modified the Inked Adventures Dungeon Sections Basic Pack ( ) which is deliberately irregular in order to suit many maps in games - it even has diagonal passages.  For simpler, but slightly more regular tiles, the Square Dungeon Tiles set ( ) is also one of our bestsellers.  Free bonus tiles :


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