Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Forest Cut Up Sheets -Images and Examples

Forest Cut-Up Sheets

Printable PDF 6 pages of foliage and grass (three colour schemes)
Image files: 300DPI 2100x2700 graphic files for personal use in art programs

Merged sample of art

promo layerschopped

Suggestions of use in play (mock-ups)

Dark tree counters on one printed sheet of light green grass


Or ... light green grass path sections and clearings laid over two sheets of dark green foliage


Downloadable PDF How-to-Use guide (free)
Click on graphic to view / download


Thumbnails of pages in Forest Cut-Ups PDF file



The sheets/counters are printed here on matt white card with inkjet set to "normal" print settings

forest_cut_up_sheets__Inked_Adventures___ forest_cut_up_sheets__Inked_Adventures_____2

The Forest Cut-Up Sheets downloadable pack is now on DriveThruRPG and other OBS sites.
$3 usd £1.80 gbp €2.24 euros $3.22 aus $3.27 cad

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