Friday, 26 September 2014


We have executed our layout artist and proof editor for errors and omissions from the Crypts pack. Tonight many Bothans died in the struggle to deliver new files to appropriate websites. In the possible event of a failure to update customer libraries in time we are providing the amended Page 8 here (the corridor sections on that page were eleven squares long but measured 10 inches ... something was very wrong) Please feel free to download the following one page PDF.

P8_Crypts_Corrected_A4 (PDF 800k)
P8_Crypts_Corrected_Letter (PDF 800k)

After feedback and reviews we also felt that Crypts PDF would benefit from some extra "decrepit" rooms and corridor dead-ends.

BonusSheet_A4format_CryptsTombsCatacombs_IA2014 (PDF A4 6Mb)
BonusSheet_USLetterFormat_CryptsTombsCatacombs_IA2014 (PDF Letter 6Mb)

(DriveThruRPG link: )

Thank you for your custom and patience. :)

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