Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Free 6×6 Cargo Freighter Tile (Compact&Worn Starship Deck Plans)

In preparation for the release of the Compact & Worn Starship Deck Plans 6x6 Tiles (PDF and pre-print tiles), we are providing this free sampler PDF which contains a starship tile designed for use with 25-27mm figures using the 1inch=5ft scale, plus a "hangar floor" tile and some cargo crates.
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sampler pages

The inspiration behind this set is based on the sci-fi rpg referee’s need to have a play area which fits within the space of the tabletop, perhaps for a dynamic chase and fire-fight, through a space station or space port, for example.  These are small craft which can dock inside of larger vehicles.   They will be ideal in representing spacecraft which player’s can steal or purchase.  Most are battered and "previously used".  In games where interstellar craft only 30 ft across are unacceptably small, they might still be of use as “ship’s boats”, shuttles or air-vehicles.

The full product will contain this design and 11 other 6x6 inch starship designs with a choice of backgrounds, in colour and black/white line art.  We are also working on a guide with descriptions for the starships, as if sold by second hand dealers.  It will be available as printable PDFs and as pre-printed tiles through the DTRPG/RPGNow sites.

The 3 page sampler PDF file is just over 3MB.  We recommend printing to paper, photo-paper or card from a home desktop printer; trimming with scissors; perhaps then mounting the tiles on a second layer to prevent curling.


Letter Size (US) Format:

A4 Format:

Copies of the sampler will also be placed on DTRPG/RPGNow soon.


cargo_freighter_tiles_and_Lego_minifigs__photo_Billiam_Babble_2015 Baby_Scout_Starship_Tiles_composite_example___Billiam_Babble_Inked_Adventures_2015
desert_starship_tiles_photo_billiam_babble_2015 alien_desert_starship_tiles___photo_billiam_babble_2015

(Images: Billiam Babble's Instagram 2015)

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