Friday, 21 September 2012

Geomorphic Dungeon Tiles early sneak peak

Geomorphic dungeon tiles by billiam babble Inked Adventures 2012
These geomorphic dungeon tiles are still a work in progress, intended primarily as a pre-print product, but possibly a PDF as well. The trick is to make enough tiles for the pack to be truly random and fun to use (at least 40 unique tiles plus a few corridor repeats). The final cards will be approximately 3.5 inches square with blank parchment coloured backs so that they can be laid out on the table and turned over when a new area is entered. The grid scale is either 5ft or 10ft depending upon how grand the Dungeon Master like their dungeon to be – still too small for minis, but a fun RPG play-aid nonetheless. I’m currently working on entrances and exits from the megadungeon map “within” the tiles (whilst retaining all four exits). The edge of the tile map will be the edge of the table. I’m still divided about whether or not to include terminating “edge” tiles. I may throw in some blanks because part of the attraction of geomorphic style tiles is drawing your own. So many “mights” and “maybes”!
Watch this space! Digging in progress …

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