Thursday, 4 October 2012

Inked Adventures on Tumblr, Fb and Blogger

Not much new news.  I'm still plodding away on these geomorphic style tiles (see previous) and a few top secret projects.  If you're a bit of a networking addict and would like to follow random pictures from Inked Adventures on Tumblr, the address is
Also feel free to friend me for updates and general commentary on geekery on Facebook
Depending upon where you are reading this you may like to know that the original site is:
...but comments have been disabled due to a spam bot invasion fleet...
So I've also running my mirror site (secret base) on blogger:
...where eagles fly free and comments are possible.

You'll find Billiam Babble also lurking in places unsavoury, linked from those sites. You have been warned!

Billiam Babble also sends apologies to anyone receiving trojan spam links in emails from his Yahoo account which was recently hacked.  He will always include a sensible header text and explanation of any links contained. billiambabble -at- yahoo co uk is still a safe address to bother him on.

Billiam also apologies for sometimes typing in the third person tense, but he likes to pretend that Inked Adventures is actually a massive corporation which creates formal press releases and notices of great importance.  Billiam's doctor has been notified.

Whilst I'm posting links, here's that shop link again:
which takes you to the DriveThru page.

Thanks for browsing!
Bb, late in 2012.

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