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Arcane Library Tile and Sections

Arcane Library Tile and Sections on DTRPG
Arcane Library Tile and Sections on DTRPG

We're happy to announce that this modular dungeon sections product is finally complete and ready for sale of DriveThru and the OBS sites (Paizo to follow).

Product Description

Scale 1in/25mm = 5ft for use with 25/28/30mm figures. Compatible with other 1inch scale plans, battlemats and ideal for use with other hand drawn Inked Adventures Dungeon Sections products.

This is a pack of printable PDFs in a Zip file (29MB). The PDFs  include A4 and US Letter page formats as well as full colour and printer line-art-only designs.

0. Introduction (1MB PDF free to download)

1. Arcane Library.
The four page PDF will print one large library “tile”. These are four corners of one multilevel room. Once trimmed, they create a 18x13 in tile (including 3D-effect walls). The floorspace equates to 17 squares by 12 squares, in mapping terms this 85x60ft when 1inch = 5ft. There are four levels, concentric walkways, each linked by steps.  The design works equally well as a dungeon room or a building interior. Entrances and exits can be added using the Connectors and Door Counters in the gaps between the bookcases (see below).

Thumbnail of Large Library Tile PDF pages

2. Small Rooms
These antechamber designs are a Study, Scriptorium, Abandoned Archive and a Tome Vault. The two page PDF will print three of each room.

Small Rooms Thumbnail of Small Rooms PDF

3. Connectors and Door Counters
Connector archways, doorways and doors, shaded to compliment different flagstone colours.

Door Counter and Connector Example Thumbnail of Doors and Connectors PDF

4. Bonus section: Bookish Hallway
This is an optional room-section which fits in with the library theme of this pack.
The Bookish Hallway can be act as a gallery, corridor or secret library with four small exits (perhaps to the Small Rooms)

Thumbnail of Bonus Section Bookish Hallway PDF

Paper Format / Colour vs. B/W Line Art
The PDFs included are in A4 and US Letter size formats (in separate folders). As well as colour designs, the original black and white line art has been included for players who wish to save on printer ink, or those that like to colour-in their gaming accessories (especially rewarding for very young players and their artistic parents!).

Wizards Study Colour Art Inked Adventures   Wizards Study Black and White Line Art thumbnail

Colour and black/white line art versions of all sections.

The Wizards Study can be downloaded as a free sample here.

Inked Adventures Arcane Library Tile and Sections Demo Map

One of many possible layouts using main library tile with the optional sections in this pack.


Disclaimer: This hand drawn product may lack the finite precision of computer generated plans, and may contain unintentional marks left over from the original art process. Hopefully this won't detract from your overall enjoyment in using this product in your games. If it does, please feel free to contact us on

The PDFs in this product do not use layers (restricted for use with Adobe PDF software), so that it can be viewed in a variety of software, devices and platforms.

Please Note:  This is a printable product only and is described as being so. PDFs only.  No graphics files are included for map editing or VTT programs. Please do not  leave reviews berating a lack of VTT graphics.  

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