Sunday, 5 April 2015

Trapdoor dungeon crawl game illustrated with Inked Adventures tile sections

Trapdoor -Rules for Tabletop Dungeon Crawls
and Book

 Trapdoor Games on DTRPG
 Trapdoor rules book - Trapdoor Games - DTRPG $8 / $15.

It's always an honour for our products to appear in the games by other publishers (with permission, naturally).    Trapdoor is a fast play dungeon crawl which reminds us a lot of games like miniatures-focussed games like Advanced HeroQuest and Warhammer Quest, games from which Inked Adventures have drawn stylistic inspiration.  Illustrated with black and white line art by the talented Joni Heinonen, Gareth Shaw's text, with the illustrative photos (taken by the author) employing Inked Adventures sections and other scenery, provides an "old school" yet modern feel to this highly adaptable and compact system of rules.

Photos of Inked Adventures sections from the Trapdoor rule book:
(The cut-up sections depicted are from the Inked Adventures Basic Pack )

Ranged Attacks in Trapdoor
(c) Trapdoor Games

Movement in Trapdoor (c) Trapdoor Games

Inked Adventures Basic Pack (click thumb for larger image)

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