Monday, 26 June 2017

Inked Adventures Dungeon Cut-Ups Cards Pocket Edition

For Dungeon Masters on the go!  Inked Adventures Dungeon Cut-ups Pocket Edition.

These tiny hand-cut dungeon cards are our first product on Etsy. This is partly because normally we sell through DriveThruRPG and other sites, and hope to sell directly and securely from our own site soon.  Etsy seemed like a suitable place for a hand-crafted item.

They use the Inked Adventures hand-drawn dungeon floor designs and scenery counters, but these have been scaled down to 1cm per 5' square (0.4in). The 6x9 cm cards are roughly poker sized, and the clear plastic box is perfect for holding the small, reusable,  pieces.

Rudimentary hero and monster counters have been included, but we're sure the improvising dungeon masters will find other types of counters, such as beads. The product idea is for travelling gamers, whose bags may already full with rulebooks or convention purchases, or for people with very small tables. ;)

Printed on 200 gsm (thin) card from an inkjet printer. :)

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Inked Adventures Dungeon Cut-Ups Cards Pocket Edition on Etsy

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