Friday, 30 June 2017

Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards

Buy the poker-sized Map & Dice Playing Cards now with PayPal here or on Etsy

Today is the delivery day and re-launch of our Map & Dice Playing Cards!  These new cards are poker sized and are a redesign of the bridge-sized cards which were previous only available on print-on-demand sites (at DriveThruCards and TheGameCrafter).  We have now had them printed in bulk so that we can sell them directly to customers and traders.

The first print run sold well at the UK Games Expo '17, with help from the All Rolled Up crew and friends.  The last few packs sold out completely after the briefest of mentions on social media sites, without us even getting a chance to mention them on here.  Thank you to everyone who bought those.

And now we have more!

These specially designed playing cards combine hand illustrated dungeon geomorph maps with random dice results. They are ideal for dungeon masters planning a "megadungeon" or creating a dungeon level randomly. With 4 suits and 2 Jokers, they also double as normal playing cards.

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Also available in our Etsy store

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